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Financing available through CFNA

Click the link below to apply with Credit First National Association,

Auto Pass for tire and service centers.


Answers to the question everyone wants to know:

Hourly Labor Rate: $90

Alignment: $75

Testing/Scan Tool Analysis: $80

Brake Check: $30

Flat Repair: $18

Tire Balance: $30 Includes Rotation

Oil Change Prices Listed Below

For estimates regarding other services or repairs, please schedule an appointment for diagnostic testing. (417) 881.2240


Mechanics know the right tool for any job makes all the difference in the getting it done right and on time.

The same goes for products, that's why Castrol is our house brand.

We understand personal preference, and  readily honor your request for any other brand.

Oil Change Pricing:

Priced Up To 5Qts Oil, Lubrication, New Filter & Labor

Top Off Service of fluids includes:

Brake, Coolant, Power Steering & Washer